November marks a big month for Nested Spaces – we’re moving into a new warehouse! We’re currently located at Park 100 in Indy but we’re moving just across the street. Our new space will double our old location in size – with 3,200 square feet of storage space and 400 square feet of office space.

Our old space was jam-packed with inventory, which made it difficult for us to both locate items and also move items around. The new space will allow us to become more efficient while also scaling the business. It will also enable us to buy new inventory as we continue to grow. The main benefit is it will allow for more stages because we have a lot more loading space and storage space. In addition to the loading dock door, there is another large door for moving trucks and deliveries, which will help us be even more efficient moving stock in and out of the warehouse.

Front Office Space

In terms of the layout, there is a front office space that will serve as a working area for the team with desks, a table for team meetings, and a kitchenette area. The full design of this space will come a bit later, as right now we’re focused on functionality. However, we have narrowed down our paint selection to Egret White by Sherwin Williams. You can see a picture of the office space in progress below.

The next space that was part of the warehouse, but we had specifically built out, is the soft goods room. This area will neatly house all of our bedding, linens, blankets and throws, and pillows. We will add in racking to help organize all of our items and are very excited to be able to easily see and access this part of our inventory.

The warehouse will have a washer and a dryer, making it super easy and convenient to wash soft goods between stages. (You’d be surprised how dirty these items can get!) We added racking to all the walls in the space so we can best organize and visualize our inventory. And as mentioned, we have two doors for loading and deliveries that we did not have access to in our previous space. This opens up additional possibilities in the future, such as obtaining a forklift to help move furniture around.

Looking back, it’s amazing to think that just four and a half years ago I was storing inventory in my garage. From there I upgraded to storage units and then a small storage space to what will now be our old Park 100 location.

Grateful & Thankful

I couldn’t be more grateful to my past, present (and future) clients. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We’re excited for what this move represents – the ability to serve more clients even better. Check out our staging and design services if to see if we can be of service to you in 2021!