Employee Spotlight: Staging & Warehouse Specialist, Kristi

Our Staging and Warehouse Specialist Kristi

Kristi, what’s your favorite part of working at Nested Spaces?

I cannot say enough about the great group of people I work with. Our company is a special place. And for someone who is challenged with being stationary for any length of time, the physical activity associated with my staging and destaging projects suits me perfectly.

What’s your favorite space to style?

The bedroom – I prefer a calm, simple décor. The bedroom should be a haven, so a light and airy feeling coupled with cozy layers of bedding is a must for me.

What is your favorite home style?

Modern Traditional would have to be my favorite. I enjoy the visual tension a mix of styles creates. For example, antiques with modern pieces. One can create a curated space that contains pieces that may be very personal or historical for you. I get many interesting compliments on the glove molds I have arrayed on a shelf in our living room. Using unique personal pieces to bring life to a room really can create that ‘signature’ many are looking for.

Kristi building a chair for an upcoming stage.

Kristi, what designer inspires you?

I cannot say I favor anyone in particular. There are many designers that I follow and the ideas they bring suit my view on the modern-traditional style. I regularly learn something new by following designers that may not be in my favorite aesthetic.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I love to organize. Believe it, or not, it’s one of the ways I relax. An organized, logical, pristine environment simply makes me happy. And what better way to multitask during your ‘thinking time’? Sticking with the multitasking theme, I even procrasti-organize. You know, organize everything before I attack some dreaded task.

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