Warmth, Comfort and Hygge!

With a snow storm headed toward the Midwest, what better time to dress for comfort, warmth and hygge than now? We’ve created a list of our favorite items to use during winter.



Are you needing cozy, soft loungewear? Soma’s SomaWKND brand offers beautiful and comfortable loungewear. Works for carpooling kids, working from home and is a staple for Whitney. These sets come in many different colors and patterns. Check out The Sunday Pullover and The Sunday Lounge Pant.

Warm & Cozy Robes

Pottery Barn’s Faux Shearling Robes are as comfortable and beautiful as they look. They come in four colors. While we can’t or don’t wear these during our installs, they’re great for nights at home. These are currently on sale for $58.

Cotton Socks

Socks, we all need warmth in our feet for the winter. These socks from LL Bean wick water to keep your feet dry. These are great for install days when we’re staging a home or a design clients house. Regardless of the weather, we know our feet will stay warm rain, snow or shine! We are loving the Cotton Ragg Socks from L.L. Bean.

Bundle up as you get out into the cold.  Your feet won’t feel a thing with Sorel’s waterproof Winter Carnival Boot. Great for making snowmen, walking in a blizzard (we don’t recommend) or installing a house during frigid temps. Whitney swears by this brand and wears them daily during winter at consultations, the warehouse and during installs.



We couldn’t think of anything better to complete this list but a candle. Candles can create a peaceful and relaxing space. This Meadow 3-Wick Large Textured Ceramic Candle from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia will bring the outdoors in (but without the snow & cold weather ????).  These are Daniela’s favorite candles to burn at her home or to stage with. (PSA: We don’t burn candles at our staged homes.????)

We hope these items add comfort, fun and creativity to your Hygge season.