Employee Spotlight: Design Specialist, Chad King

Design Specialist, Chad KingChad, what’s your favorite part of working at Nested Spaces?

I enjoy the collaboration with the Nested Spaces team. Everyone on the team is creative and has positive energy, which makes every day fun at work. I like creating inspiring spaces that clients fall in love with. Each home is different, and I like the challenge of styling each of the homes.

What’s your favorite space to style?

My favorite space to style is the family room. It is the space where everyone comes together after a long day to relax. I like creating the space to feel warm and inviting so that when anyone walks through the space, it feels like home.

What’s your favorite house style?

My favorite house styles are Modern, Transitional, and Scandinavian. My go-to style is Modern! I love the clean lines, neutral tones, and geometric art. It makes the spaces look so clean and fresh!Chad packing up from a destage

Chad, what designer inspires you?

I have a few designers who inspire me, but my favorite must be Jeff Lewis. He is LA-based and known across multiple platforms. His remodels, especially kitchens are my favorite. Each kitchen he remodels is unique, open, and warm.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I am a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. It is a family tradition! I grew up watching the Cubs with my dad and have always had a love for the team. My favorite baseball player is Ryne Sandberg. I have gone to quite a few Chicago Cub games and the atmosphere of Wrigley Field is always electric.
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