Interested in learning different ways to style a coffee table in one of the spaces in your home? We have you covered!

We’ll show you our tried-and-true ways to style a coffee table.  Our aesthetic is simple, we don’t want to overwhelm a coffee table with décor.  We prefer using neutrals to create texture and depth in a room.  If your taste has more of a wow factor, incorporate larger scale items or more color when you’re styling.

Rectangular and square coffee tables are the most common type of table we style.  We typically use three different elements for coffee tables such as a coffee table book or two, greenery and a vase.  Sometimes we change it up with a tray, floral and a book.

1. Let your Focal Point Shine

In this family room, there’s beautiful built-ins that are the focal point of the space, so, we used simple elements on the coffee table to complement the other elements in the room and not overshadow the built-ins.  We use navy, black, gold, and white accents against neutral furniture.  So, for the coffee table, we used a black coffee table book as a base, a gold bowl with green moss balls and a taller black and gold vase to add height.

coffee table decor against builtins

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2.  Add Texture with Coffee Table Décor

This large family room was a beautiful backdrop for the furnishings.  We played on creating a simple, clean aesthetic using neutrals and lots of texture.  Plus, this large coffee table is one of our favorites to style!  It’s a 54″ L x 40″ W and fills a room nicely.  We used a black coffee table book, grass in a white bowl and white large jars against neutral furnishings.  This particular table is from Ashley Furniture.  We utilize this one as a dupe from a higher priced brand like uttermost.

gray rectangular coffee table with simple white decor

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3.  Add Height & Personality

This modern property is in downtown Indy and we wanted to provide some more dramatic elements to the space.  We styled this rectangular coffee table with some larger, taller elements.  First, a tall grass to play off the fireplace and chandelier.  Then we added a tall dark vase for additional height and visual interest.  Finally, we styled two coffee table books and a white bowl with moss.

modern home with black and gold elements for coffee table vignette

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Insider Tip:  We find most of our books at Goodwill.  They have a terrific selection of hardback books for about $3/piece.  If you’re looking to splurge, we love shopping Assouline’s books and Amazon has some great options as well!

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