Most of the focus on staging is the interior of the home, but the seller can set the potential of the home before a potential buyer even walks in. Curb appeal matters!

The moment a potential buyer pulls up to your home, they are evaluating if the home has been updated and well maintained.  Are the beds mulched?  Is the yard weeded? They want to feel that the home is well taken care of and the exterior gives them important clues.


Ten Tips and Tricks for Curb Appeal

  1. Remove weeds from the lawn and mulch beds. Fertilize and mow the grass.
  2. Prune trees and shrubs
  3. Address any concrete issues on stairs or foundation
  4. Freshen paint if necessary
  5. Remove and repair rotting wood on exterior home
  6. Paint and patch siding, windows, doors, and deck
  7. Trim trees so the bottom 5-6’ is visible and not blocking windows of the home
  8. Consider power washing sidewalk, siding, decks, porches, driveway
  9. Update light fixtures if they are outdated or tarnished.  Typically, fixtures 10+ years old need to be replaced.
  10.  Repair cracks in the sidewalk, foundation and driveway

If items aren’t addressed prior to the home being listed, they will come up during contract negotiations.  When they do come up-after the contract or during negotiations – they are often more costly than if you would have taken care of it prior to listing.

The majority of the repairs that I see after inspection are for the exterior of the home…not the interior.


A few other things to consider, purchasing a wreath, mat and potted plants for the front door.  You won’t regret the time investment and this could earn you thousands in asking price!

Enjoy this season to maximize your exterior and impress your potential buyer with a stunning first impression!