Understanding the Spring Real Estate Market

Conversation on how to prepare your home for market with Courtney D. Wheatley Realtor® – GoodLife Xperience – Semonin Realtors

Background:  Courtney is a Realtor in Louisville, KY.  She is a long-time friend of Nested Spaces owner, Whitney.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is equally beautiful on the inside.

Nested Spaces:

What are three essential things every seller should do to prepare their home to go on the market?

Courtney Wheatley:

When a home is first listed, it’s exposed to the greatest number of motivated and qualified buyers so a seller’s first impression into the market is critical. Preparing your home for the market will certainly help you get the best price and it doesn’t always take as much time or money as you might think.


Some Tips…

  1. Take care of deferred maintenance issues. Buyers will certainly not pay top dollar for a home with a long list of defects.
  2. Clean, de-clutter and depersonalize! When it comes to marketing a home, most of the time, less is more! When a home has too much stuff and personal photos displayed, buyers have a hard time visualizing their things in the home.
  3. ALWAYS stage the home! Time and time again I’ve had buyers pass on a home because they couldn’t figure out how they would arrange their furniture in a space. Also, many do not realize that rooms actually appear smaller when they are completely empty! There’s nothing for our eyes to reference in an empty room. I always recommend hiring a professional stager to help you with this process. I’m confident that you’ll see a huge return on the small investment when the offers start coming in!

A seller’s first impression into the market is critical.

Nested Spaces:

Is there anything else you recommend to sellers to prepare their homes to be listing for sale?

Courtney Wheatley:

Create curb appeal… add flowers to the beds in the spring, summer and fall with fresh mulch. Power washing goes a long way too! When it comes to the interior, if you enjoy vibrant colors in decorating, I recommend painting the walls neutral for the sake of selling. Always remember, you are selling a product!

Immaculate lawn: freshly mowed, mulched beds and beautiful brick walkway invites potential buyers into the space.

Nested Spaces:

What are the top trends in the housing market that are creating such a lucrative cycle?

Courtney Wheatley:

Many of you have probably heard by now that we are experiencing a seller’s market.  This means that the inventory of residential real estate is lower than the demand, thus creating a perfect storm for sellers. BOTTOM LINE:  Houses that are prepared to show and priced competitively are flying off the shelf and sellers are getting top dollar! On the flip side, this market can create a frustrating experience for sellers and buyers alike who are not working with a real estate professional in tune with the market. To ensure you get that top dollar price when selling your home or have the advantage when competing against other buyers when making an offer on your next home, always work with a Realtor you can trust!

Nested Spaces:

What pulls a potential buyer into a home so that they then put in a contract?

Courtney Wheatley:

There are three factors in selling a home:

  1. location
  2. price
  3. condition.

The one thing a seller can’t change is the location. Price and condition have a direct correlation. When condition is great, the market will bare a higher price. In closing, always hire a Realtor and professional home stager so that together they can create a marketing plan to sell your home for the best price in the shortest amount of time.

Thanks, Court for sharing your expertise!

Always hire a Realtor and professional home stager so that together they can create a marketing plan to sell your home for the best price in the shortest amount of time!