Our Favorite Target Finds

Do you ever go to Target and come out with a lot more than what was on your list? Target has everything from home furniture to décor to soft goods to food. The list could go on and on. After years of staging homes, we have created a list of our favorite Target items to use when styling.

Artwork Finds

Gold Artwork for Dining Room

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by RC Fine Portraits. Built by 3Five Development.

One of our favorite artworks is this Gold Decorative Sculpture. The artwork is made of metal to make it strong and durable. It also adds a subtle pop of gold to complement the space. We have used it in a kitchen with gold pendants and it looked great. You can see it for yourself by looking here!

Bathroom with Target Artwork

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Home Aesthetic. Built by Duke Homes.

A matching pair of Abstract Lines Framed Prints complements any space. You can pair the artwork together or hang them separately. The artwork is visually appealing with the vertical and horizontal stripes. Are you struggling to imagine these pieces in another space? Check them out in a home office we styled.

Fun Loft with Target Finds

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Home Aesthetic. Built by Josh Loewen.

A trio of artwork we love to use is the Framed Leaves Decorative Wall Art. Similar to greenery, the wooden frame and green leaf design add a pop of natural color to spaces. It pairs beautifully with other plants and greenery. In addition to artwork, the Lory Pouf is fun to use for more seating or to rest your feet on.  And it is the perfect height for children to use. Tip: if the space feels smaller but you would like more seating, add poufs. It will trick the eye because they take up less space since they are not tall or bulky. Look at past projects to see how we have used poufs to style rooms.

Soft Goods Finds

Stunning Bedroom

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Addison Group. Built by Mac Brothers Construction.

As you have probably already learned, we like to use neutral colors when styling and add subtle pops of color. Bedding is similar, we mostly use white bedding like the Antimicrobial Seersucker Bed and add color with the accent pillows or throws. If you would prefer to use other colors in your bedding, Target offers this bedding in a variety of colors. The bedding is made of 100% hypoallergenic fabric and is machine washable. In addition, it comes with pillow shams and a sheet set. What a deal!

Spacious Bedroom

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by Williams Custom Art Builders. Photography by Indy 360 Photography.

The handcrafted Oversized Chunky Hand Knit Decorative Bed Throw looks great on beds or sofas. The cozy knitted throw comes in a variety of neutral tones. I purchased the white throw for my home and it paired nicely with my sofa.

Kitchen Finds

Blue Kitchen

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Home Aesthetic. Built by Josh Loewen.

The comfortable Rumford Saddle Counter Height Barstools will look beautiful in any kitchen! The sturdy wooden legs complement the other colors and textures in the space.

Green Kitchen with canisters from Target

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Addison Group. Built by Josh Loewen.

We love to use canisters when styling kitchens and one of our favorites is the Glass Storage Canisters with Wood Lids. Display the canisters with sugar, flour, coffee, etc., and make them accessible for easier baking or cooking. The canisters come in different sizes- Large, Medium, Small, and Extra Small. Need more convincing to use these canisters? Check them out on floating shelves in another kitchen we styled!

We hope you have found new items to use to style your home! Would you like to learn more about our staging and design services? Click here!