Spring has officially arrived! Are the daffodils starting to pop up in your yard? We are ready, more than ever, for spring this year. Pack up any remaining winter décor and greenery in your home, it’s time for spring! To get some inspiration, we visited Fivethirty Home – a treasure trove of décor and antique finds in Zionsville’s village. The store is bursting with absolutely beautiful items that the owner, Erica Carpenter, hand selects.

Here are the five Spring looks that we put together to help inspire you as you decorate for the season: 

1. Tiered Trays with Décor:

We used this gorgeous three-tiered tea tray to display items. It includes a vase with a floral stem, a bunny figurine, a creamer and sugar set, a beautifully patterned teacup, a bunny tea towel and a green stem. Total cost: $227 ($125 for the tea tray). We love this look because a tea tray is the perfect way to accessorize any table or countertop with a mix of both décor and functional items. 

2. Vases:

The second photo depicts three stunning decorative vases in blue, white, and copper placed on a copper tray. Total cost: $60. These soft hues create a sophisticated look that you can use in a variety of places such as a formal dining table, buffet or even on a coffee table. 

3. Floral Arrangement:

This green bulb vase caught our attention. We paired it with a number of flower stems to show the different looks you can create. Total cost: $48 (+ choice of stem ranging from $6-$15). Pick your favorite stems and display them in different vases around your home to bring the outside in. For example, a mantle, an end table, or a ledge are perfect places. 

4. Table Centerpiece:

We love to find unique bowls and fill them with natural elements. In this case, we used a wooden square bowl filled with artichokes paired with a fun, lemon patterned table runner for a bright burst of color. You could also place this on any type of table. Total cost $138. 

5. Kitchen Décor:

We adore using pitchers to display floral stems. In this case, we paired a white pitcher with white and green tulips and amazing fern patterned bamboo plate ware. We love the detail and the uniqueness of these bowls and plates. They also add a fun, natural element to your table. Total cost: $192.  

What spring look most inspires you? We encourage you to shop at Fivethirty Home to create your own Spring looks. Stop by the store (there’s a couple pictures below of some of the amazing displays), or you can shop seasonal décor online. Happy Spring decorating!