Naval:  A No Fail Color for All Spaces

Paint can have the largest impact on a home. For good reason. Because it’s the least expensive way to update your space. This is why we love studying color trends every year.

In 2019 Cavern Clay (SW 7701) was Sherwin Williams color of the year.  This warm terracotta color evoked a cozy and calm feel.

SW - Color of the Year 2019 - Cavern Clay SW 7701 - slide 1


2020 is the year of Naval (SW 6244)

And boy has 2020 been an interesting year!  This color is described as a deep shade of blue that is rich and strikes a balance between both soothing and confident.  This bold color is also described as serene and comforting.  Obviously, the way a room makes you feel is just as important as the way it looks.

SW - Color of the Year 2020 - Naval SW 6244 - slide 2

Naval is the perfect backdrop for a wide range of interior design styles. Due to its versatility. If you’re looking for a touch of color, we often recommend Navy.  Although it adds a nice pop that gives visual interest to a room, it can transcend almost any style. Take a look at these beautiful navy vases from Revelation’s Winter Market.


Revelation Vases at the 2020 Atlanta Market

Naval can be paired beautifully with warmer leather tones, vibrant greenery, woven fiber rugs, and other natural materials. We love painting naval with gold tones as well.  If you’re looking for a more subtle pop of navy, select accent pieces like vases, pillows, throws, and artwork. Take a look at these examples. And how we’ve incorporated navy into our designs.

Downtown Indy Guest Bedroom, built by Josh Loewen.

2019 Home A Rama with Gradison Build in Pemberton.

Adding some color with chinoiserie to this Dining Room in Fishers.

A touch of navy in the Great Room at Buckland Construction’s property.

Here at Nested Spaces, we love to work with this beautiful, peaceful, and classic color. Contact us for more information. Learn how we can help you create a space that feels like HOME.