Employee Spotlight: Design Specialist, Mackenzie Sickmeier

Design Specialist Mackenzie

Mackenzie, what’s your favorite part of working at Nested Spaces?

My favorite part of working at Nested Spaces is the array of work I get to do between staging and design! Each day is different, from choosing furniture to stage an Indy property to designing a kitchen for a home in Carmel.

What’s your favorite room to style?

I love to style and design the living room. It is one of the main spaces in a home where people gather and, in my opinion, it showcases your design style. You can have fun with textures, patterns, and colors in a living space.

What’s your favorite home style?

My favorite home style is a mixture of Contemporary and Mediterranean design. I really love Contemporary because I love a neutral color palette, but I also love how effortless and intimate you can make Contemporary design feel. Though, I really love Mediterranean design because I love all the organic colors, textures, and curvature that come with Mediterranean design.

Mackenzie selecting décor for a stage

Mackenzie, what designer inspires you?

The designers I am really inspired by are both Frank Lloyd Wright and Kelly Wearstler. I love that Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs were so futuristic. He was always thinking outside of the box and to this day, we are still designing in the way he was almost 100 years ago. Kelly Wearstler is another favorite because she really pushes the envelope of design putting texture on texture or pattern on pattern. There are no rules to design for her and I think that is really inspiring.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I have never been out of the country! I really want to travel to Greece and New Zealand. Greece because I would like to see all the unique architecture and design. I love all the beautiful scenery and would love to experience the culture in New Zealand.

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