How to Summerize the Interior of Your Home

Warmer weather has arrived, flowers are blooming and grass is greener. The children are running and playing outside. The birds are chatting and you can smell the fresh air. There’s something about summer weather that creates a joy over us. We completed months of cold and wet weather and now are able to enjoy the sun beating on us. But we don’t have to be only in the outdoors to enjoy the summer vibes. We can also enjoy the summer feel in the interior and exterior of the home. Here are 6 tips to summerize the interior of your home.

1.) Plants and Flowers

Creating a welcoming feel using plants

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Home Aesthetic. Built by Josh Loewen.

The simplest way to summarize the interior of your home is by adding plants and flowers. When purchasing indoor plants, it is important to consider the type of plants and flowers. Some plants and flowers need to be close to windows for natural light while others don’t require much light. Do you know the #1 reason most indoor plants die? It is from over watering. It is important to learn the amount of water your plants and flowers require. Think about the space where you need plants and do a little research of the best plants in that area. Or if you’re like me, and struggle to keep plants alive (LOL) purchase faux plants.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite indoor plants:

Fiddle-Lead Fig Tree: The tree needs a lot of sunlight so place it next to the window. It’ll need to be watered once a week unless the air in the home is dry then water more frequently.

Snake Plant- We love the texture on these plants! It doesn’t require a lot of light or watering and can be placed anywhere in the house.  But you should let the soil dry completely before the next watering.

Pothos- The plants are known to be easy to care for and can be placed in most indoor spaces. Only water when the top two inches of the soil is dry. Another indication it needs to be watered is if the leaves curl slightly.

2.) Natural Accessories and Tones

Neutral Tones in the Bedroom

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Home Aesthetic. Built by Marin Homes.

Incorporate natural tones in the different spaces. Some of our favorite furniture and décor are made of natural tones. One of our favorite rugs is the Round Braided Jute Rug from Pottery Barn. We like to use it is in entries, eat-ins, and bedrooms. We also add natural tones using rattan or cane baskets like the Aseana Folio Bin Natural from Target. The baskets can be used in laundry rooms, mudrooms, playrooms, etc. They are great for storage and help to stay organized.

3.) Spring and Summer Colors

Pop of Green in the Family Room

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Home Aesthetic.

Most of us associate fun colors when we think of spring and summer, while in the colder seasons we think of darker neutral tones. We recommend adding subtle color in your spaces. For example, have a base color in the family room and add a pop of color in your pillows and throw. You don’t want to overwhelm the space by having too many colors. Keeping it subtle is key!

Here are our recommended pop of color accent pillow and throw:

Throw Pillow by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia:

Knit Throw Blanket:

4.) Bowl of Fruit

Summerize Décor in the Kitchen

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Home Aesthetic. Built by Gradison Design Build.

We love to add color in kitchen by using fruit. We use a neutral colored large bowl and place fruit in it. It is functional and brings natural color to the space. We recommend using white and black bowls. They complement almost every kitchen and type of fruit and lets the colors pop.

Here are some of our favorite large bowls to use in kitchens:

Stoneware Serve Black Bowl:

White Porcelain Serving Bowl:

Teak Wood Bowl:

5.) Lighten Up the Spaces

Bright Dining Room

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Addison Group. Built by Josh Loewen.

Open the blinds and curtains and let the fresh air and natural light in! Enjoy hearing the birds sing and seeing the great outdoors. It’ll brighten up the space and not cost you a penny.

6.) Store Colder Seasons Décor

Styling using plants

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by Stefanie Childs.

With the summer and spring weather here, store your items that you associate with the colder seasons. For example, eliminate the number of candles in your home and replace them with flowers and greenery. You’ll be surprised how much it will change the feel in the space.

Using these inexpensive and simple tips will change the look and feel in your home. You no longer will only enjoy the summer feel outdoors, you’ll now enjoy it in your home too. To learn more ways on how we style homes, click here.