Styling your kitchen can be simple.

Yes, you heard that right. Don’t over complicate styling your kitchen. You want the counters to shine as well as any other features like the hood, hardware, cabinets, pendant lights. We’re telling you, less is more!

Here are four tips to style your kitchen:

1.) Keep it simple

The décor should highlight the beautiful accents in the space. For instance, the cabinets, backsplash, countertops, hardware and any other elements in the home you love. Here we used organic kitchen décor like cutting boards, a wooden bowl, wooden utensils in a container. It created a beautiful contrast with the darker cabinets and lighter tone backsplash and quartz countertops.

Charcoal Kitchen

Staged by Nested Spaces. Built by Matthew Meyers, Marin Homes. Photography by The Home Aesthetic.

Marble Utensil Holder:

Round Cutting Board:

Rectangular Cutting Board:

Wood Bowl:

2.) Bring the outdoors in

Add a touch of greenery using stems, moss or even fruit like artichokes or limes in a bowl or vase. This provides a subtle pop of color and warmth to the space. The stems + vase combination creates additional height and visual interest.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Staged by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Home Aesthetic. Build by Gradison Design Build.


Palm Stem:

Black Vase:

White Canisters:


3.) Pick 2-3 types of décor

We recommend styling a space with 2-3 different types of décor. For example, in the below kitchen, we used organic elements in the cutting boards, tray, utensils and glass canister with wooden lids. We then used herbs and greenery. Finally, we used white dishware in the coffee mugs, bowls and large bowl on the island.

Styling a Green Kitchen

Staged by Nested Spaces. Build by Josh Loewen. Design by Jordan Morrisey. Photography by The Addison Group.


Charger Placemats:

Wooden Cooking Utensils:

Cutting Boards:


4.) Utilize existing décor

You don’t have to buy all new décor to style your kitchen. Use what you already own!  Items like canisters, cooking books (remove the cover), and a utensil holder. If you have décor you like but want to change the color, consider a matte spray paint for the item.  It breathes new life into the piece at a fraction of the cost of buying something new.

Kitchen Decor

Staged by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Addison Group.

Small Canister:

Large Canister:

Gold Bowl:

Bonus Content: Tips to Styling Floating Shelves

The lower floating shelves should house items that are often used in the kitchen-coffee mugs, bowls-things you use everyday. On the higher shelves, display décor like greenery or vases or cookbooks.

Styling Floating Shelves

Staged by Nested Spaces. Build by Josh Loewen. Photography by The Home Aesthetic.

Matching Vases:


Coffee Cup:


We hope this gave you inspiration to style your own kitchen. If you’d like help styling or designing your home, let us know!