Feng Shui & The Chinese Art of Place and Placement

Written by Melissa Laborsky, MD & Owner, Indy Healing Center

Space.  The space that surrounds us is a projection from within.  Every object holds energy, emotion, and history.  How we place these objects within our space creates an energy field.

Become an observer of your space.  What do you see?  Do you see clutter? Chaos?  What do you feel as you observe your space?  Do you feel heaviness?  Do you feel worry, sadness, fear, frustration?  Or perhaps you feel open-hearted warmth and peace?

How we manage the space around us can become a healing practice.  Feng Shui’s origins arise from the practice of Qigong.  Qigong is a powerful form of energy exercise.  The purpose of Qigong is to restore flow, balance, and open you to the highest level of connection to yourself and the Universe.

So, how do you begin this practice within your own home?  Begin with letting go.  Tour your home, every room.  Touch every object, feel every object.  If it does not fully resonate with you and bring you peace and happiness, it is time to let it go.  It has served its purpose.  As you release the old you open to the new.  Do not rush to fill the space.  Allow yourself time to recreate your home with only the objects you hold dear.  Allow this to be an ongoing process.  As you grow and change so to should the space around you.

The next level of Feng Shui becomes a higher level of awareness of the Universe and Nature.  Five Element Theory is a framework for understanding the body, mind, spirit, and our connection with all that is.  Within Nature and within our being are the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.  Each element has an associated color, emotion, direction, and season.  Each element has its place and purpose.

Five Element Theory

Balancing these elements within your home has the potential to transform your home into a sacred, healing space.  How you do this becomes an ongoing personal practice.  The more balanced and aware you are, the more ease you will have connecting with the elements and creating your home to reflect your highest self.

The best way to open yourself to this practice is to begin or go deeper into your own meditative practice.  Yoga, Taiji, and Qigong are excellent practices that connect you more deeply with yourself and the space that surrounds you.   Learn more about Qigong and the Five Element Theory

The power to transform your world lies within!

In her practice, Dr Laborsky integrates modern science with the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine.

At the Center of our being is the ability to heal at the deepest level.  My goal is to guide you to re-awaken your own ‘healing center.’  Through this ‘re-awakening you connect deeply with your body and expand your understanding of the role of emotions and beliefs in healing.  At the highest level of spirit we creatively manifest physical and emotional symptoms as a source of guidance.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!  To learn more about Dr. Laborsky, visit Indy Healing.


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