Artwork that Ties a Room Together

Do you know the importance of having artwork in your home? Artwork is more than adding a beautiful piece to your room. Wall décor can increase your creativity and focus. It also adds texture and ties a room together. We highly recommend having at least one piece of artwork in each room. But always consider the color story of your home when selecting your wall décor.

Are you struggling to choose artwork for your home? We can help give you the inspiration to find the right piece in the photos and examples below. After many years of styling homes, we have created a list of our favorite artwork to use in homes.

1.) Silver Ferns Framed Prints

Artwork for a Cozy Family Room

Styled by Nested Spaces. Built by Josh Loewen. Photography by The Addison Group.

Chilly nights are coming soon and what’s better than a cozy family room with a fireplace to keep you warm? This home has an open layout which made it very important for all the colors and styles to complement each other. To keep the theme warm and cozy, we used neutral colors (blacks, grays, creams, and a pop of gold and green). The Silver Ferns Framed Print complemented the space beautifully. The simple artwork draws the eyes to the focal point of the space, the fireplace.

Tip: Artwork doesn’t need to be flashy or colorful to complement the space. It should help tie the space together, not take the attention from the rest of the room.

2.) Gray Reflections Landscape Art

Subtle Color Artwork

Styled by Nested Spaces. Built by Josh Loewen. Photography by The Home Aesthetic.

Would you like wall décor that provides subtle color? The Gray Reflections Landscape Art could be just what you need! It comes with a set of two so you can hang them next to each other or hang them in different spaces. When styling this property, we used lighter tones of cream and wood. We provided highlights of color in the décor using blues.

3.) High Metallic Pewter Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Décor

Styled by Nested Spaces. Built by Josh Loewen. Photography by The Home Aesthetic.

When most people think of wall décor, they think of canvases and photos. One of our favorite pieces to use isn’t either of those options. The High Metallic Pewter Metal Wall Art brings design and texture to the room. When choosing artwork think about not only the color story but the shapes used in the space as well. This room had many straight lines from the built-ins, fireplace, mantle, and furniture. To break up the lines, we incorporated the round metal wall art. The colors used in the room were creams, blacks, and wood tones. The metallic artwork created contrast that completed the space!

4.) Abstract Lines Framed Prints

Simple Artwork

Styled by Nested Spaces. Built by Josh Loewen. Photography by The Home Aesthetic.

Your home office is one of the most important spaces to incorporate artwork. As previously mentioned, artwork can boost creativity and provide inspiration. It is important to find artwork that you love! We love the Abstract Lines Framed Prints for their simplicity. Similar to the Gray Reflections Landscape Art it comes as a pair. The art complements the other pieces in the office from the wood desk to the black metal light fixture and everything in between.

5.) Foliage Framed Wall Art

Neutral Color Wall Décor

Styled by Nested Spaces. Photography by The Home Aesthetic.

Does your space already have a pop of color? Choose neutral color wall art. The black and silver Foliage Framed Wall Art works well in most spaces. In this space, the fireplace and pillows gave a pop of green. We wanted to highlight the fireplace by adding neutral-colored artwork. With this six-piece set of framed wall art, you’ll be able to hang them together or separately in different rooms of the home.

Tip: When hanging artwork, we typically recommend the center of the artwork be 60 inches from the floor. When possible, make the piece eye level. This won’t always work if hanging above a fireplace, sofa, etc.

The right artwork can make or break a space. Looking for guidance on selecting the perfect pieces for your home? Nested Spaces offers Design Services that can help with styling your space. We source some of our favorite pieces globally and can help you find pieces that you’ll love. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you! We want to get to know you better and learn more about the project or projects you’d like help with.