Five Things to Consider when Designing your Office Space

With the global pandemic still in effect, many of us find ourselves working from home for further notice without knowing when we will return to the office. Having a proper workspace at home has never been more important. With that said, maybe you still need to create a formal office space (the kitchen table just isn’t cutting it!). Or maybe you already have an office space and it’s in need of an update. Either way, we have some tips to share that will ensure your office space is functional and inspiring (ahem, read fun) – helping you be even more productive from home. 

Staged property in Village of West Clay, Carmel. Listed by Andrea Kelly, photography by The Home Aesthetic

1. Pick the Right Desk

Depending on your type of work, make sure you have enough work surface to comfortably spread out. If all you need is a need is a laptop and a notebook, a small desk would be suitable. However, if you require copious amounts of paperwork, sketch pads, a double moniter, plans, etc., you should consider a larger desk. And, you might consider a standing desk as well, which can help improve your energy. 

Some of our top desks picks include Hooker, Target and Ikea: 

Hooker Home Office Writing Desk $1039

Campaign Wood Writing Desk with Drawers – Threshold™ at Target for $150

LINNMON / ALEX from IKEA $209.99

2. Add Smart Organization

Organization is so important in an office space. Make sure the items you need are easily within reach. This could mean a file storage cabinet or shelving for books or other objects. Depending on what you need to use on a daily basis, think about simple storage solutions that make the most sense for organizing your items. 

Wayfair Chloe Chalkboard and Filing System $109.99

Pottery Barn Acrylic File Organizer $49.50

Ikea Micke File Storage $59.99

3. Embrace Natural Light

Natural light is best in an office space. Studies prove that natural light reduces eye strain and headaches, improves your mood, makes you less drowsy and also makes you more productive. Be sure you have enough natural light in your office area because it will transform your ability to work from home!

4. Add Live Plants

Similar to natural light, add live plants to your space. Adding greenery has proven to reduce stress, increase satisfaction, heighten concentration levels and improve air quality. Plants create a sense of calm and they are also beautiful. Consider large floor plants or groupings of succulents on your desk or a shelf.   Our favorite plants are the money tree, snake plant and fiddle leaf tree, we love shopping at our local stores Altums and Forest Flower.

Snake Plant from Forest Flower

Money Tree from Altums

5. Personalize it

Your office should be a reflection of you – your history and passions and also your values. Frame personal photos. Hang art that inspires you. Decorate shelves with meaningful mementos. And most importantly, display your goals and the purpose of your work. It could be as simple as writing them down on a notecard to help you keep focused. 

Divine Digital Prints

DivineDigitalPrints – Etsy

CherieKaySigns Man in the Arena Quote – Etsy

MLK quote – Smallwoods

With the integration of these five elements, your office will be a productive space conducive to great work. It will also feel enjoyable! Only time will tell when we all will be able to get back to the corporate environment. In the meantime, keep these tips in mind to create a space you are inspired to work in.  We would love to help you as you design, decorate and get inspired in your home office.  Check out our services to learn more!