Bedroom Design Tips Based in Feng Shui

Kristina Hollinger is a feng shui expert and author (Chicago, IL)

What happens when a professional home stager and feng shui expert collaborate on bedroom design? The product is a welcoming space that looks elevated and helps you manifest your desires!

Kristina Hollinger is a feng shui expert and author in Chicago, IL.  A few months ago, I reached out to Kristina to learn about feng shui principles and practical tips for my home with a focus on my bedroom design.

Kristina assured me that applying feng shui to the master bedroom would enhance all areas of life…and suggested a feng shui beginner starts with their bedroom!

Whitney Vredenburgh is the owner of Nested Spaces, a home staging & design business (Indianapolis, Indiana)

I used my design skills to apply Kristina’s feng shui tips after her consultation with me.

Now it’s your turn to reap the benefits of the design + feng shui collaboration.  Here are three design tips for your bedroom that will enhance your rest, romance, and rejuvenation!

Tip One: Place the Bed in the Power Position 

Kristina:  This is the most important feng shui tip to follow if you could only choose one! Place your bed in the feng shui power position for optimal rest and energetic support. Here’s how to do it!

  1. Make sure the bed is accessible from both sides.  If the bed is against the wall, one partner will feel trapped in the relationship.  If you are single, you are cutting off opportunities for someone to enter your life.
  2. Have a solid headboard. A headboard creates support from the universe. Metal frames are conductors of energy, making it more challenging to sleep. Metal is great for clairvoyants and psychics. Otherwise, stick with wood or fabric headboards.
  3. Anchor your bed with two nightstand and two lamps. This promotes equality in your relationship and seeing eye-to-eye. Even if you are single, this will open up more energetic space to attract a partner.


Updated bed and bedroom. Feels so good!

Whitney:  Our bed was already in the feng shui power position, but I wanted to update the bed frame to be more supportive.  The iron bed and other pieces were passed along from family, and it was time to make the space our own!  We purchased light and airy furniture to make it feel inviting and calm.

We also added two lamps to each nightstand, these were taller than our others and created more height and more light in the space.

Pssst. Kristina here!  Light is an inexpensive way to elevate the chi of any room.  The energy was lifted when Whitney replaced the lighting!

Paint was another easy way that we updated the space. We repainted the bedroom from a builder beige to Benjamin Moore’s Rolling Hills.

Before: Whitney’s bed frame was a hand-me-down and made of metal. Metal is a great frame for psychics, but it does not provide the more energetic support.

Tip Two: Focus on the Corners 

Kristina: Apply feng shui to the power positions of the bedroom, which are the wealth and relationship corners. Focusing on these spaces will help you experience the abundance you desire!

The feng shui “power areas” are wealth and relationship. The far back, left area represents wealth, and the far back, right represents relationships. Here’s how to activate them!

Enhance the wealth area of your bedroom by cleaning and decluttering with intention of the abundance that you wish to attract. Then, activate the wealth gua by applying the elements of wood and water.

Represent wood with the shape of a vertical rectangle, wooden furniture, or a bamboo or bonsai tree. Integrate water with odd, wavy shapes or glass decor.

Whitney found furniture that had clean lines and felt like a retreat. The solid headboard provides “a mountain” of energetic support to amplify rest and rejuvenation.

The wealth area also thrives with colors of purple and gold.

Focus on the other power position, the relationship area. Activate it with pairs of similar sized objects. This represents your willingness to attract a partner that has supportive, complimentary energy.

Avoid pictures of friends and family in the bedroom. This master bedroom design is all about you and your partner and you don’t want other peoples’ energy in your business…

The relationship area is an auspicious place to add wedding photos or recent images of you and your significant other. Single and ready to attract someone? Be mindful that you don’t place images of single people in your bedroom. Your bedroom is an affirmation for the life you desire!

Whitney:  In the far left (wealth area), I added a happy ficus tree in a white pot.  I am hopeful it will like this spot and continue to grow. The window faces west, great for trees like Ficus!

I love adding live plants in any room. It adds new life to the space and creates a warm, inviting feeling.

In the far right (relationship area), we created a reading area in the far right. This added function and beauty!

Create dimension with subtle layers of blankets and pillow. Another styling tip is to create a vignette on an end-table with a plant, books and a small piece of decor like a candle or figurine.

The side table was a recent purchase from Target. I added one of my go to plants, the snake plant! I thought this was the perfect place to add a picture of my husband and I from when we first started dating, and I set out our wedding book here too.

Tip Three: Style with Intention

Kristina: According to feng shui, everything is energy, even inanimate objects. These objects either inspire you or deplete your energy.

When you focus on the details of your bedroom, it’s important that you love everything you are placing in your space. If you don’t love it, leave it! You will feel less energetic and magnetic when you surround yourself with clutter.

Whitney: It’s all in the details! I styled my bedroom with some beautiful lamps and purchased bedding from Ballard Designs and Target. I am loving Target’s new line of bedding called Casa Luna.

For home staging, less is more and neutral colors are best, but for decorating your home, chose personalized items that speak to you!

In my space I added books we enjoy reading, a salt lamp and a fragrant gold candle.

Bonus Home Staging Tip: Typically when styling a dresser, you can either flank artwork with matching vases, books, greenery or a combo of all three.  You can also create one vignette with a large vase with stems, books and a small piece of decor like a candle or figurine.

Style a dresser by flanking artwork with matching vases, books, greenery or a combo of all three.

There you have it…the three bedroom design tips that a feng shui expert and home stager agree upon are:

  1. Place the bed in the power position
  2. Focus on the corners
  3. Style with intention

Thank you Kristina for joining me!