This season’s trends, as with most summer trends, are fun and eclectic. 

These trends will give you colorful and high impact ways to update your space.

Valeria Caceres is the newest blogger with Nested Spaces and we couldn’t be more excited!  She’s a student at the University of Cincinnati and is majoring in Communications.  Valeria has a love for fashion, design and skincare products and is originally from El Salvador but now calls the midwest home.  Welcome to the blog Valeria!

Trend #1:  Jewel toned palettes

Rich color furniture makes the room feel more alive. Jade, ruby and other jewel toned colors are making a comeback in a big way. It is adding spice to what we have seen in years past with creams and grays. Target’s Opal House is a great economical example of the jewel trend.


Source: Ideal Home

Source: Casin Hacolorida


Trend #2:  Mixed metals as accents

This season is full of matte gold hardware and light fixtures. And, we are not talking about brassy gold from the ‘90s. This is a NEW gold. We love it!

Source: Kathy Kuo Home

Trend #3:  Dark, wood pieces and colors

Dark side tables, console tables, coffee tables and even wall art feel classic and can be used in any space. We love their functionality and timeless beauty. This season, black is making a comeback. Black ceilings and accent walls are classic and bold.  Which is why we also LOVE this trend for staging!

Source: Ideal Home


Trend #4: Pattern Play

You will see this in the form of wall paper and tile. It is so beautiful and mixes up a space with mosaic. We are seeing patterned tile in bathrooms and laundry rooms. And we also see the patterned wallpaper in powder rooms or on accent walls.

Source: House Beautiful

Source: The Sweetest Occasion

Trend #5: Fringe is everywhere!

We are seeing more and more fringe on throw pillows, blankets, lamps and wall art. We are seeing other similar accents like tassels and feathers too.  Word of caution:  these are fun, but don’t overuse them!  A Little goes a long way!

Source: Anthropologie

Thanks for contributing to the blog, Valeria!  Stay tuned for more.