Nested Spaces’ Operations Manager

    Job Description

  • Develop and maintain client relationships
    • Establish a line of communication with potential clients.
    • Keep touchpoints with ongoing clients via systems like dubsado, trello, GSuite.
    • Follow up on new client inquiries.
      • Contact us form, voice mails, phone calls, and texts.
  • Manage the Team and Movers
  • Oversee and lead existing team
  • Manage schedule for movers and team
  • Review costs associated with movers and truck and operations
  • Manage Inventory
    • Coordinate furniture deliveries, coordinate receiving furniture, and coordinate furniture assembly and claims.
    • Update Stageforce (our inventory system) as needed.
    • Keep furniture in working order.
    • Tighten, repair, and paint furniture as needed.
  • Keep warehouse clean and organized
    • Perform and/or supervise cleaning schedules and tasks for the warehouse.
    • Check the status of the office and cleaning supplies and order items, restock as needed.


  • Ability to juggle and prioritize multiple projects and adjust work accordingly.
  • Creative abilities and applied problem-solving skills.
  • Strong teamwork ability.
  • Proven ability to self-manage.
  • Strong professional integrity.
  • Positivity and enthusiasm.
  • Detail and task-oriented.
  • Self-motivated, resourceful, and flexible.
  • Ability to manage and lead movers and assistant stager(s).
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Ability to work via email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Stageforce, Dubsado, Trello, Gsuite,  QuickBooks, Google Drive, and possibly other formats.
  • Experience with Project Management systems like Dubsado and Trello are a plus.


  • Our compensation is based on experience and results.  Role is paid hourly and rate is based on experience.  Compensation begins at $22/hr.
  • This role is part-time and will require 15-25 hrs/week.